Marine Wind Generator

Marine Wind Generator - Air-X Marine Wind TurbineA higher demand for energy across the world for different purposes has resulted in changing the focus to renewable sources of energy generation. Renewable sources of energy include wind power, solar energy, geo thermal power,etc.These non-traditional methods of energy generations are efficient and is cheaper than the traditional methods of using fossil fuels.

Marine Wind Generator Products

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Marine Wind Generator
Wind Power to Generate Energy

Marine Wind Generator - Air Breeze Small Marine Wind Turbine For BoatsThere are many areas we use the wind power to generate energy. One such great example is its use in the boats and watercrafts. When you sail on a boat for a longer time, the better way to generate power is by installing marine wind generator in your boat. Although the marine wind generators are available in different sizes, you can decide the one depending upon the size of your boat. Normally the size of turbain blades is 36” in diameter. If you want to generate power in the presence of lower levels of wind then you can install the one which contains more number of blades, usually more than 10. That will be sufficient to ensure a smooth use of power in your boat.

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Marine wind generator is easy to install and mostly it is installed at the mizzen mast or stern post. It can use the kinetic energy of wind as input and generate energy out of that. It contains micro-processor based controller system to ensure a high level of battery charging capacity and reduce the noise generated by blades. A marine wind generator can produce a power at around 5 MPH at the lowest level and will gradually strengthen the output. When there is high level of winds the blade will produce a flutter noise. However,in such cases, the brain of your turbine will be able to control the blades to spin slowly to ensure the security. More than that there is one more thing which can cause for sound pollution. It is nothing but the design of the blades. If you choose an aero-elastic blades format the sound will be less compared to other types of blades. It is therefore very important that you have to consider all these things other than the battery charging capacity when you decide to buy a marine wind generator.

One of the greatest advantage of marine wind generators is that it is non-pollutant and very affordable. It requires only a less space for installation and do not need any additional labour input. The output it generates depends on the cube of the wind speed. As soon as you install the marine wind generator it will start working for you and will generate power. It is an alternate source of energy and will not cause for emission of Green House Gases to the atmosphere and thereby the global warming. As there are different types of marine wind generators available you can choose the one depending upon your need and you can install it yourself or seek the sellers help. You can forget about your energy bills once you started depending on renewable sources of energy like wind power.

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